Master Interior Architecture

Studio The New Workspace (2017/2018)

The process of designing a new workspace starts with a one-day internship at a nearby The Hague based company.

Every student gets his/her own company to intern in, the companies include a car repair shop, a paper factory and a furniture maker.


FLOWS with Junyuan Chen

While working and observing a different way of working in every company we create a flows map about the thing that interests us the most in the company.

For the paper company, students were interested in the machine and waste materials that the factory produces. A student visiting a web development company gets interested in digital waste and virtual workspaces. The Furniture maker inspires two students to create a sharing-ideas-space and to design a space with only sound. The car repair company gives an insight of circular economy in the Netherlands and the mechanical parts of the vehicle. The students that were visiting a company where they manufacture concrete panels were inspired by the characteristics of this highly used material – concrete.


THEORY with Anne Hoogewoning

 In the Theory lessons, we focus on research about new workspaces and how these workspaces should be improved for the future. We discuss different topics and read articles about our own chosen theme.

The main task of Theory is to write a Manifesto about our own new workspace. Every student includes this manifesto in his/her workspace and states why this is how we must work.


STUDIO by Studio Makkink & Bey

Stop talking and start making!

Jurgen Bey and Chester Chuang from Studio Makkink & Bey help the students to develop their workspaces and give them different perspectives on achieving their final design of the space.

In the end, the students build their own spaces and present them. This year we had a variety of different presentation types. Some students were performing, some presenting, and a few made video clips. The final results show a different way of thinking of every student.


To get a better picture, look at the pictures below!

Adriel Quiroz Silva

Adriel Quiroz Silva


Laura Frias Muñoz Del Cerro

Laura Frias Muñoz Del Cerro



Lotti Gostič


Hande Ogun

Hande Ogun


Yunkyung Lee

Yunkyung Lee


Huaxin Zhang

Huaxin Zhang


I-Chieh Liu

I-Chieh Liu


Hangping Yang

Hangping Yang


Daniele Valentino

Daniele Valentino


Jack Bardwell

Jack Bardwell


Special thanks to our internship companies:

Concreet Design

Concreet Design


Studio graphic design

Studio Duel


Binnenstad Garage Den Haag

Binnenstad Garage Den Haag


Tiddo de Ruiter

Tiddo de Ruiter


Paladin Studios Studio Duel)

Paladin Studios


Jero Papierwarenfabriek

Jero Papierwarenfabriek





Article by INSIDE 1718 student Lotti Gostič



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