Master Interior Architecture

Social and Cultural Challenges in Interior Architecture

INSIDE is a two-year, English-taught Master Interior Architecture program which targets the real world.

A world that is changing: large-scale interiors, a changing relation between private and public space, sustainability and a greater demand for social cohesion are themes that call for a new perspective on interior architecture.

At INSIDE, we will challenge and see the world from inside-out and become INSIDE-architects.

The main elements of our programme are:


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Studio INTER

The project zeros in on the Binckhorst area in The Hague and explores ways to retain the existing local expertise that centers on cars and make the cultural role and binding significance of the car more visible. Industry is already present in the area and it’s clear it used to have a function as car country. We will use the carwash as an accupuncture needle for the Binckhorst area. By reinterpreting function ties of a carwash, and connecting them with industry and leisure, for the areas visitors and new residents.
Public-private partnerships between the remaining industry and residents can only occur when conditions and infrastructure are designed well and a combination feels natural. Linkage with demands and social issues could possibly encourage the remaining industry to conduct tests together with the community to create the ultimate carwash, cut to todays demands.
Each student concentrates on one of the 8 movements within the carwash; paying, soaking, soaping, pressure rinsing, brushing, waxing, drying and vacuüm cleaning. The aim is to find possible connections which influence the areas social and industrial web. Creating an dedicated community surrounding the Binckhorst carwash.

Studio led by Jurgen Bey of Makkink & Bey (2015/2016)


The project zeros in on the Binckhorst area in The Hague and explores ways to retain the existing local expertise that centers on cars and make the cultural role and binding significance of the car more visible. Industry is already...

Studio SPACE


Studio led by DOEPELSTRIJKERS with Eline Strijkers (2015-2016)

Dutch Windwheel

‘The predictive and adaptive environment’

Disruptive Building
Massive urbanisation, climate change and resource scarcity increasingly impact our way of life in cities and urban regions. Innovative solutions for potable water, renewable energy and sustainable food production are necessary to tackle these societal...

Studio URBAN

Studio led by MVRDV and Raumlabor Berlin (2015-2016)

Embrace Braambergen

Braambergen is a ‘Landfill site’ in Almere, owned by Afvalzorg Nederland, that is ready for being re-used in a recreational function. INSIDE – the master of interior architecture at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, will research for and...

Research Group FLOWS

Research group led by Jan Jongert — Superuse Studios

Contemporary interiors increasingly depend on a complex of connecting flows

The research group ‘INSIDE flows’ investigates the specifications and behaviour of these flows to support the development of sustainable design methods.

Flows are characterised by the fact that they have a performance in...



The TRAVEL program is run by Hans Venhuizen. At INSIDE the basis of every design lies in observing, researching and analysing a situation. The best attitude for doing that is to experience a tremendous sense of liberation and, at the same time, to be very aware of all the dangers and...



THEORY PROGRAMME with Anne Hoogewoning (Tutor Theory Course) and Louise Schouwenberg (Tutor Graduation Thesis)

The Theory and Writing course aims at linking theoretical and intuitive insights of both theorists and students to practical case studies. In each semester the programme focuses on a common case study which will be worked...



In cooperation with the Interior bachelor program a series of LECTURES  is organized that include spatial and furniture designers, architects and artists, theoreticiens and entrepreneurs.

All lectures are in English.




The SKILLS program is led by Hans Venhuizen and taught by various guest lecturers. This program aims at offering skills and techniques allowing the students to better master the assignments in the studios.