Master Interior Architecture


Dinner with lecturer at INSIDE

Dinner with lecturer at INSIDE


In cooperation with IAFD, the Bachelor Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, a series of LECTURES  is organized that include spatial and furniture designers, architects and artists, theoreticians and entrepreneurs.

After every lecture the lecturer is invited by the INSIDE master students to have a drink+snack at INSIDE to further discuss their works and thoughts and get to a higher level of understanding the mechanisms of interior design.

All lectures are in English.

Place & time: KABK Auditorium, on Tuesdays at 17:00.


Lectures 1718 (2nd semester)

Theme: Corrupted Space


6 Februari 2018 

René Boer, Failed Architecture Amsterdam,

Title: ‘The Value of Failure’


13 Februari 2018 

Renske Maria van Dam,


20 Februari  2018 

Jacob Voorthuis, TU Eindhoven, Philosophy in Architecture


6 March 2018 

David Helbich,


20 March 2018 

Boris Sieverts,


27 March 2018

Melle Smets,


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