Master Interior Architecture

INSIDER Initiatives


1. “No Purpose, just for ourselves,

for ourselves and a few friends”

copied from Jonas Mekas wonders with no purpose

why no purpose? Because being serious is too boring.
let’s not think too much.

we believe in intuition as a form of practice which stimulates investigation and
builds up unpredictable connections.
but intuition, of course, is conducted under critical analysis.
or at least we believe so.

we seek to activate neglected places. give them a good dose of attention.
we like to call ourselves catalysers.

sometimes is an intervention, often just a performance.
other times a piece of writing, or mapping
a strong gesture toward a place at a certain moment in time,
with a naive hope of creating a turning point for the space.


goda, cam, klodi, arvand, janneke, jaja, vittoria, jo, kimmy, daniele, jack & zara

No Purpose website



2. USTA Programme

An independent experimental pedagogical platform developing tools of learning and unlearning /

part of INSIDE: Master of Interior Architecture.

Established by:

Klodiana Millona

Arvand Pourabbasi


USTA website 

Klodiana and Arvand create MEGAzines:

* MEGAzineinside fanzine

documentation of studio’s work combined with theory and flows, or other relevant documents. Simple one time publication, serving as an open source to be possibly multiplied by whoever wants. Students are asked to send their final presentation, text, picture/drawings and we make a simple layout to serve as a base for other studios.

01_Zine-OPEN SOURCE-PG-101_MEGA-zine The New Workspace