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Social and Cultural Challenges in Interior Architecture

INSIDE is a 2 year fulltime master’s course located in The Hague.

The future interior architects at the Royal Academy of Art not only focus on designing physical space but engage fully with current social and cultural issues in society. They use their position to shape the relation between the space that relates most directly to people and the world that surrounds that.

INSIDE Introduction Film 

This website is no longer fully up to date. For a better overview of our programme, please read our latest digital INSIDE magazine.

For information on the Application process please visit the KABK website.


The main elements of our programme are:




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Studio INTER

Studio The New Workspace
by Studio Makkink & Bey (2017 - until now - recurring studio)

In the first studio of the year the students are invited to participate in shaping their own workspace. They designed this workspace with waste material they brought from their one-day internships at helpful, nearby...

Studio SPACE

Studio Museum Dedel
By Ira Koers (2020/2021)

During the second studio of the first semester, students worked on a different scale from the previous one. The assessment came from the request of the chairman of the museum Dedel in The Hague to investigate new possibilities within the space of the...

Studio URBAN

Studio Marineterrein, Amsterdam
By Raumlaborberlin and Klodiana Millona (2020/2021)

Not so long ago, if searching on google earth for Marineterrein, you would only be able to find a defocused satellite image. Located just east of the historic centre of Amsterdam, the fourteen hectares walled-off enclave has been a secret for centuries. Since...

FLOWS – Research Group

Research group by Superuse Studios

Contemporary interiors increasingly depend on a complex of connecting flows
The research group ‘INSIDE flows’ investigates the specifications and behaviour of these flows to support the development of sustainable design methods.
Flows are characterised by the fact that they have a performance in time. Which...


The TRAVEL program is run by Hans Venhuizen. At INSIDE the basis of every design lies in observing, researching and analysing a situation. The best attitude for doing that is to experience a tremendous sense of liberation and, at the same time, to be very aware of all the dangers and...


THEORY PROGRAMME with Anne Hoogewoning (Tutor Theory Course) and Gerjan Streng (Research Tutor)

The Theory and Writing course aims at linking theoretical and intuitive insights of both theorists and students to practical case studies. In each semester the programme focuses on a common case study which will be worked on...


During the academic year three lunch lectures are organized by an INSIDE alumni. These LECTURES include spatial and furniture designers, architects and artists, theoreticiens and entrepreneurs.



The SKILLS program is led by Hans Venhuizen and taught by various guest lecturers. This program aims at offering skills and techniques allowing the students to better master the assignments in the studios.