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TRAVEL to Berlin, October 2013

At the Berlin Wall

INSIDE at the Berlin Wall, walking by the documentation centre designed by architect Peter Zumthor.


A visit to Jan Körbe’s silohaus.


Avisit to the former Potsdam Palace that was rebuilt to house the parliament of Brandenburg


INSIDE at the Vietnamese Market in Berlin


The Badeschiff is a floating public swimming pool in Berlin. It is situated in the East Harbour section of the River Spree, the Badeschiff allows citizens to swim in a sanitary environment near the river. The Spree itself is far too polluted to permit safe bathing.


Being showed the room where the soldiers where being briefed at the Tempenholf airport during the Cold and World War


INSIDE visits the  Tempelhof Airport, which is situated in the south-central Berlin, was built in the 1920s and has a long history as a key site during World War Two and the Cold War. It was closed in 2008 and there has since been a debate over what to with the vast site.


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