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Travel Symposium


A symposium and dinner about innovative approaches to spatial design and interior architecture.



INSIDE Dialogues Symposium

The symposium, INSIDE Dialogues, started in a warm atmosphere after a lunch, in a large room of KABK filled with copies of ancient ruins. It was quite an odd setting where one comes from Egypt another from Greek, but then it somehow reflected the study consists of three discrete studios with each distinct approach. Structured in three parts, each part of the symposium started with a short introduction of each studio’s theme followed by a guest’s lecture.

After Hans Venhuizen’s introduction, Jan Jongert started the first part, presenting the idea of “flows” with a number of examples. He explained how design process can be started by an analysis of our surroundings in terms of flows and then developed in direction of improving those flows. Kyong Park┬áthen introduced APAP(Anyang Public Art Project, Korea) which he directed in 2010. He challenged this city-sponsored program aimed at re-branding of the city, asking artists to focus on intervening existing lives of people there rather than making art objects. If we view the project in terms of flows, we find that the project was focused on a rather unmeasurable layer beyond flows, which, I personally think, raised a valuable question on the inevitably abstract nature of the approach through flows.

A study of flows, 2012Architects


Raumlabor’s project in APAP 2010