Master Interior Architecture


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with Lotte van den Berg (Coordinator INSIDE)


PROPAGANDA programme

In the PROPAGANDA programme INSIDE students show INSIDE to the outside world.

This to:
-acquire new students
-show INSIDE to interested professionals in the field of (interior) architecture
-training student’s broadcasting and pr & communication skills

To reach the broadest public possible we aim at broadcasting INSIDE in a variety of media:

1. on INSIDE’S website
2. Social media: FacebookTwitter & Instagram
3. INSIDE’S video channel at Vimeo
4. INSIDE magazine, printed and on

5. Lecture series
Furthermore, in collaboration with the Bachelor study of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design we organize a lecture series of 12 lectures on Tuesday evenings. After the lecture INSIDE students cook a light meal and host a table discussion with the lecturer.

6. Open Day
At the end of the first semester, INSIDE students show what INSIDE is all about to outsiders at the Open Day.

Participation to the PROPAGANDA programme is voluntary and for 1st year students only. For active participation students get Wild Points. One missed study point for Travel or Skills can be compensated by one Wild Point for PROPAGANDA. Students can earn 2 points maximum.

Wild points for PROPAGANDA can be obtained by active participation to the INSIDE PROPAGANDA activities. At the end of each semester a complete overview of the student’s activities for PROPAGANDA needs to be handed in.

In the beginning of the First Semester students sign up for one of the INSIDE PROPAGANDA tasks for the 1st. and 2nd. Semester.

Criteria for obtaining 2 ECT
Criteria to assess propaganda activities:
-active participation in meetings
-use of professional language
-graphic design
-photo editing skills
-exhibition skills
-organizing/planning skills
-video editing skills