Master Interior Architecture

Social and Cultural Challenges in Interior Architecture

INSIDE is a 2 year master’s course for interior architects who start every assignment by con­ducting a wide-ranging exploration of a spatial context undergoing change. Wideranging here means that through observation, research and theoretical study, students chart and analyse a whole array of issues that are relevant to the spatial change that the context is undergoing. That wide range consists not only of spatial aspects but also of social, historical and eco­logical issues at play in the wider surroundings. After setting up and carrying out their investi­gation, the INSIDE students hone their skills in using the acquired knowledge to determine essential qualities that are of decisive impor­tance for the spatial changes taking place. They then learn to incorporate those qualities in a spatial proposal grounded in a realistic perspective and in their social implications.

The main elements of our programme are:


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Studio INTER


Studio The New Workspace by Studio Makkink & Bey (2016/2017)

All decision making at all scales starts with the ability to have a good conversation. That’s the starting point of this year’s INSIDE curriculum. In the first studio of 16/17 the students were invited to participate in shaping their own...

Studio SPACE


Studio Dutch Windwheel by DOEPELSTRIJKERS, Eline Strijkers (2015-2016)

Massive urbanisation, climate change and resource scarcity increasingly impact our way of life in cities and urban regions. Innovative solutions for potable water, renewable energy and sustainable food production are necessary to tackle these societal challenges in the decennia to come. The...

Studio URBAN

Studio divided in two: Hall05 by TAAT and Fort Noorddijk by RaumlaborBerlin (2016/2017)

Five students went to Gent for two weeks to work on the Theatre/Architecture installation Hall05 by TAAT. The other nine students were guided by Raumlaborberlin and made 14 different plans for the re-design of Fort Noorddijk in...

FLOWS – Research Group

Research group by Superuse Studios

Contemporary interiors increasingly depend on a complex of connecting flows
The research group ‘INSIDE flows’ investigates the specifications and behaviour of these flows to support the development of sustainable design methods.
Flows are characterised by the fact that they have a performance in time. Which...



The TRAVEL program is run by Hans Venhuizen. At INSIDE the basis of every design lies in observing, researching and analysing a situation. The best attitude for doing that is to experience a tremendous sense of liberation and, at the same time, to be very aware of all the dangers and...



THEORY PROGRAMME with Anne Hoogewoning (Tutor Theory Course) and Louise Schouwenberg (Tutor Graduation Thesis)

The Theory and Writing course aims at linking theoretical and intuitive insights of both theorists and students to practical case studies. In each semester the programme focuses on a common case study which will be worked...



In cooperation with the Interior bachelor program a series of LECTURES  is organized that include spatial and furniture designers, architects and artists, theoreticiens and entrepreneurs.

All lectures are in English.




The SKILLS program is led by Hans Venhuizen and taught by various guest lecturers. This program aims at offering skills and techniques allowing the students to better master the assignments in the studios.